Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Spelt Blueberry Loaf

Baking to me is a complicated science, one that I really do not understand. I manage to cook savoury meals with an element of creativity and dare I say it, flair, but baking is another matter. Biscuits I manage to cope with, but anything that requires rise is definitely not my forte. Poor Dominic has had to taste test the most horrendous concoctions. The latest being a spelt, chocolate, whole boiled orange cake that quite literally could have been used as a deadly rubber weapon. I have learnt so much whilst trying so desperately hard to be good at baking. For example, coconut oil sucks the air out of a cake so always fold it in at the last minute, banana as a butter substitute will never work with an acidic cake i.e the orange one I speak of before, and that too many eggs can turn a cake into a tyre.

So, when it comes to cake baking I am on the hunt for the much more knowledgeable. Now, in my pre-Lena-sugar-filled-snack-days my go to recipes came from the likes of Delia, Mary Berry, Peyton & Byrne, Hummingbird Bakery and Magnolia Bakery (a book I thankfully loaned to a friend and subsequently can't remember who, otherwise I'm sure I would have more fillings by now!) But when it comes to no sugar bakes I am still discovering those masters. The lovely Melissa over at My Wholefood Life has a wonderful list of treats, and after trying out this little number I'm collating my own list of to what to try next!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Get Crafty: Fleece Welly Liners

Lena loves any excuse to get her wellies on, but there is something about 'Welly Foot Chills' that even a warm bath is rarely able to get rid of. I find it takes absolutely ages to get my feet warm again after a trip out in some brightly coloured rubber boots.

Fleece welly liners are therefore an absolute must. I love the ones that fold over the top edge of the boot and I'm thrilled to have discovered a tutorial that not only tells me how to make them, but how to make cool fox ones!

Head on over to Crafty Kitty to get the full tutorial, as well as a guide on how to flatlock.