Sunday, 10 May 2015

Review: Morrck car seat wrap

I was absolutely giddy to find out that we were having a winter baby. I can't resist a snow suit that turns my baby into a teddy bear. In fact, any outfit that makes my baby look like an animal makes me pretty happy. The photo below proves my point pretty clearly, I think! As does the fact that I had at least 20 other baby/animal hybrid pictures to choose from for this post.

Excessive, maybe. Cute, definitely. The problem is that getting a squirming newborn into one of these suits and then into a car seat is a mission in itself.

If you're lucky your baby will be happy and content when you try to leave the house. They may even be asleep. However, after trying to get their uncooperative arms, grabby monkey like fingers and flailing legs into a snowsuit your baby will definitely not be happy, content or asleep before you leave the house. More fool you if you've actually bought one with poppers instead of a zip..... The screams will be ear splitting.

Add on to this the constant zipping and unzipping of the suit as you go into and out of the shops or friends' houses.  Plus the safety concerns raised when using one in a car seat and the impact they have on the effectiveness of the chest straps in a crash.

All of this led to my hunt for a nifty product. I'm always on the look out for a nifty product, to be honest. Sure, I could just use a blanket to cover my baby and make her all snuggly. But I'd had experience of blankets flying off into the middle of the road, dragging through puddles and hats falling down over my first baby's face without me realising. I distinctly remember gently cooing placating phrases as Lena protested in the back of the car. Only to feel a pang of guilt when we arrived at our destination to realise that she had genuine cause for grumbling after her eyes had been covered by said hat for the entire journey. eek!

I came across the Morrck car seat wrap and I'm absolutely in love. Another amazing product born out of the frustrations of a mother, it is ingenious.

A hooded wrap that can be used in your buggy or car seat. It provides a soft and cuddly layer to keep them lovely and warm with complete ease.

Laying it onto the seat it has useful slits to slot the straps through the back of the wrap. After you've secured your baby into the seat you then wrap the sides and foot panel over them, almost like a fleece-y swaddle. Fabulous, as there is nothing between the chest straps of the seat and your baby's body. No padding to get in the way if you happen to be in a crash.

It's also much easier to cool them down if you take them into a shop. You don't need to wake them by having to unclip the straps to pull zips down and clip them back up again. Instead, you can just open the wrap.

The inside layer is a lovely printed jersey cotton, whilst the outside is a soft and fluffy fleece. It comes in a brilliant range of colours. Plus there's an integrated hood which keeps her bald little head lovely and warm... Whilst also making her look like Kermit the frog, which I'm sure you'll understand by now that I enjoy.

The only thing I would love to improve is the shape of the hood. When Marni was very small the visor section was just a bit to long for her and it just didn't stay in place when folded up. So some sort of a popper or Velcro to secure it upwards when they're heads are smaller would be brilliant. Other than that I'm very happy and I would highly recommend.


  1. Wow that is so cute and very practical. She looks very comfortable. I think this is such a lovely item and great idea xx

    1. Amazing, isn't it! It's definitely top of my list of things to buy for friends that are expecting! Thanks so much for the comment x


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