Thursday, 30 April 2015

Get Crafty: Nursing Chair Make Over, Part One

I was lucky enough to inherit a glider nursing chair when Lena was born. It is remarkably comfortable and has seen us through many a night feed and evening-teething-soothing session.  To be honest, I'll be sad to see it go when the time comes. The gentle creak it makes as I rock with my baby has become almost reassuring.

The issue is that it's over a decade old and the cushion covers are showing signs of their age. When Lena was a few months old I clumsily made covers for the cushions but none of them fitted particularly well. Hence, why we find ourselves with a handy, yet mismatched and ugly chair in the middle of our bay window.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Day Out: Arlington Bluebell Walk

Today we visited an absolutely magical place, Arlington Bluebell Walk. I am a real sucker for woodlands and flowers. Put the two together with stunning dappled spring light, a red-headed daughter in a princess dress and I'm in my idea of heaven.

A short drive away from Lewes, past Middle Farm, with good parking and facilities, it made for a wonderful morning out with one child and a baby in a buggy.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Summer 2015 - baby girl outfit picks!

Here are my top pick baby outfits available on the High Street this summer!

Romper - Kin by John Lewis, £14
Cardigan - Boden, £14.40
Shoes- Monsoon, £10

T-Shirt - Zara, £6.99
Harem Pants - H&M, £4.99
Shoes - H&M, £5.99

Romper - All Dressed Up at Boots, £12
Hat- Mothercare, £4
Tights - M&S, £7

Friday, 24 April 2015

The Dummy Fairy

I was like a lot of first time mums when we started our parenting journey. I was totally convinced that I would breast feed, I wouldn't create bad sleep habits by rocking her to sleep or driving around at 2am like a zombie, and above all else, I would never, under any circumstances, let her use a dummy. They're bad for their teeth and speech development, don't you know.

Funny how once you're actually in "it" ("it" being the almost unnerving land of parenthood) all of those defiant personal beliefs fly out of the window..... in a flash.

After hours of ear splitting screaming and agonising writhing when the dummy works why wouldn't I make both of our lives easier? Actually, why wouldn't I make the lives of our entire household, including the cat's, plus our neighbours' lives a little easier?

The dummy made sense for me and my baby. Little Lena was bottle fed because she couldn't latch. This meant that she couldn't blithely suckle away for comfort like the babies of those exhausted and amazing breast feeding mothers. She also had the most horrendous reflux. The sucking provided great relief for her not only because it was distracting but the additional saliva also eased the acid burn that plagued her throat.

We were lucky that the reflux only lasted until she was fully weaned. I thought about removing the dummy then but it suddenly morphed into the most amazing sleep cue. We've never really struggled with nap times or bedtimes because her bunny and dummy were a clear sign post of what was to come.

Friday, 17 April 2015

18 things I miss since having kids

I love having children. Even though I adore my two little red heads, there are still things that I miss BGN (Before Ginger Nuts.)

1. Smelling of perfume, my favourite being Jo Malone 154, rather than an odd combined fragrance of florals with stale baby sick.

2. Wearing cotton non-stretch clothing... but seriously, who has time for ironing now!

3. Using the toilet on my own.

4. Speaking of bathrooms; I had forgotten what it was like to shower without a loud voice declaring that "Mummy's tummy is wobbly." And then after asking what Daddy's tummy was like, in the vain hope to somehow balance the knock to my self esteem, hearing "Daddy's tummy is perfect."

5. Not eating food at a pace likened to that of a shoal of piranhas, anxiously aware that if you don't eat it now someone may cry, poo, vomit, hurt themselves or cause a world wide economic breakdown if you dare to savour your meal.

6. Eating food that isn't stolen by a little red head with Puss in Boots style eyes.

7. Silence.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

3-6 months baby haul

It's spring time. A perfect opportunity for layers and a little bit of leg! I think there's nothing cuter than chubby baby legs in tights.... well, I suppose chubby baby legs in absolutely nothing are just the most adorable. But let' face it, I live in the UK so the window of opportunity for clothes that will show off her knees is very small.

Whilst the weather is still so changeable we're going for some shorts and rompers worn with tights underneath. Taking some inspiration from the way the French and Spanish dress their babies these two outfits, I think, are adorable with a hint of playfulness. I love the ears of the cardigan and the print of the romper. Plus the playsuit has frills on the bottom..... this makes me very happy!

I'm lucky to have a mother who can knit at the speed of light. She's treated Lena to various pieces and I'm absolutely in love with her first endeavour for Marni. Paired with some comfy leggings from my Aunt in Australia this is a pink frenzy. After declaring that we would avoid 'pinkifying' our daughters, we quietly admit that they just simply look beautiful in the feminine hue! There's something gorgeous about red hair with pink.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

To double, or not to double

Call me sensitive, but when I entered the realm of parenthood I suddenly felt more judged by complete strangers than I ever have done before.

Confronted with an array of decisions including how to feed your baby, how to dress them, how to play with them and later on how to discipline them, everyone seems to have an opinion. These opinions are so very different that it's inevitable that 'observations' are made by others regarding the choices that I make for my own children.

Only last week I was out food shopping with both kiddies (we will be internet shopping from now on) and Lena had decided to sit on the foot plate of our single buggy. When I turned the corner at the bottom of the cereal aisle I did so just that bit too fast. Lena caught her foot on the floor and she promptly, with impressive dramatic force, face planted. This, of course, unfolded in front of a queue of busy lunchtime shoppers at the self-checkout tills. I heard the unanimious intake of breath and felt the silent judgements, not only regarding the incident itself but also on my handling of the aftermath.

To add to this unnerving feeling of  constantly being under observation, I stumbled across a website with the sole purpose of shaming 'lazy' parents who still encourage their children to use strollers way beyond the average weight capacity of 15kgs. Bingo! With baby number two on the way, this was perfect timing for my neurotic tendancies. Fearful that Red Head Number One would end up on the front page of said site the decision to buy a double buggy was seriously well considered, and of course Netmums threads well read, and then promptly rejected as an option for our growing family.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Holly Willoughby for BHS

I know a good shop for fashionable lighting at affordable prices, BHS. But gorgeous, stylish baby clothes that could easily pass as a Bonpoint outfit... never! 

Well, pop along and take a look for yourselves at the beautiful Spring SS15 collection offered in collaboration with yummy mummy of the moment Holly Willoughby. 


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The baby clothes plan

I'm taking a different tactic with this new baby when it comes to clothes. Firstly, from the ages of 0-3 months Nugget will be living in sleepsuits and sleepsuits alone.

Not only does the whole floppy neck stage of a newborn freak me out more than just a little, but with a toddler now in the picture I genuinely don't have as much time in the morning, scream free that is, to change this baby's outfits.

I will buy the basic under-vests from the likes of Primark or Sainsbury's but treat her to a few gorgeous babygrows from John Lewis. I have recently re-discovered this brand/institution and I'm slowly turning into an addict. Below are a few of my favourite multipacks on offer at the moment. With quality cotton that washes well and integrated scratch mittens I'm happy with the selection I've already stashed away... and also just a little jealous that I don't fit into them myself.

When it comes to actual outfits I am waiting for the stronger-neck-muscle phase where she looks more like a meerkat before I even consider there to be a difference between bed time clothes and day time promenading-with-the-pram clothes.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Fifi Lapin

I am in love.... with a sophisticated, elegant and timeless rabbit. If you've not yet stumbled across the wonderful Fifi Lapin, may I please point you in the direction of her stunning blog and shop.

Marni AW14

Gareth Pugh

This is a bunny with a wardrobe to die for and now my little baby can wear her! Mamas & Papas have joined forces with the fashionista and the urge to buy is seriously strong. Below are my top picks. Gorgeous, or what?!?