Thursday, 14 May 2015

Review: Mustela cradle cap

I have tried it all when it comes to cradle cap.  It's inoffensive, but I have been asked if it's contagious, a fungal thing, or because I need to wash my baby more. For a common ailment not many people seem to understand that it's just down to an overproduction of sebum on the scalp. Not, I'll have you know, because my baby is harbouring a revolting bug or something.

As I mentioned, I have tried it all. Dentinox made it worse and both the olive and coconut oil started to give off a rather hideous fermented cheesy odour. It was so bad that it even put the Grandmother off cuddling her. Pretty indicative, wouldn't you say?

I was doing my usual over researching thing and came across the Mustela brand. In particular lots of positive reviews regarding the foam shampoo and serum. It took only a week of using both products to rid Marni of her cradle cap.

The shampoo comes in a handy pump, making it easier to wash her hair one handed. It foams wonderfully and smells pretty pure. After leaving it on for a minute you simple wash it off. It cleanses her wispy tufts of hair and scalp without drying it out.

The cream is light and absorbs easily, without leaving a greasy feel. It seemingly does rebalance, soothe and hydrate as they suggest. I am in agreement with their clinical trials that this truly does eliminate cradle cap within 14 days.

I couldn't specifically say which of the two really got it under control. I'm certain that both combined are the most effective form of treatment. Now that the episode has cleared I just use the shampoo at night and the cradle cap has yet to return. Hurrah! Grandmother hugs can commence once again.

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