Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The baby clothes plan

I'm taking a different tactic with this new baby when it comes to clothes. Firstly, from the ages of 0-3 months Nugget will be living in sleepsuits and sleepsuits alone.

Not only does the whole floppy neck stage of a newborn freak me out more than just a little, but with a toddler now in the picture I genuinely don't have as much time in the morning, scream free that is, to change this baby's outfits.

I will buy the basic under-vests from the likes of Primark or Sainsbury's but treat her to a few gorgeous babygrows from John Lewis. I have recently re-discovered this brand/institution and I'm slowly turning into an addict. Below are a few of my favourite multipacks on offer at the moment. With quality cotton that washes well and integrated scratch mittens I'm happy with the selection I've already stashed away... and also just a little jealous that I don't fit into them myself.

When it comes to actual outfits I am waiting for the stronger-neck-muscle phase where she looks more like a meerkat before I even consider there to be a difference between bed time clothes and day time promenading-with-the-pram clothes.

I've decided to put more thought into what I buy. I want a capsule wardrobe for each age range consisting of co-ordinating pieces to help not only reduce volume, but to also help Dom avoid dressing our infant up as a scarecrow/clown when it's his turn to pick clothes.

I will reduce how lured I am into supermarket clothing and plan-ahead sale shopping. Inevitably when I plan ahead shop the freakish British weather works against me anyway and regarding supermarket clothing this isn't because of snobbery, but more because I'm thinking of resale. Boden, Next and Zara all hold their value brilliantly. I've even sold some of Lena's old pieces from Boden for more than I paid for them. This will help my de-clutter plan of selling on as soon as an item no longer fits, in part because this is our last baby (oh, I will indeed still find myself coo-ing in the newborn section of John Lewis in years to come, I'm sure) but also to raise funds to buy the next age range haul of clothes, guilt free. 

This is my plan. Let's see how we get on with it! 

I'll add a little update with each haul and see what you think.

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