Tuesday, 14 April 2015

3-6 months baby haul

It's spring time. A perfect opportunity for layers and a little bit of leg! I think there's nothing cuter than chubby baby legs in tights.... well, I suppose chubby baby legs in absolutely nothing are just the most adorable. But let' face it, I live in the UK so the window of opportunity for clothes that will show off her knees is very small.

Whilst the weather is still so changeable we're going for some shorts and rompers worn with tights underneath. Taking some inspiration from the way the French and Spanish dress their babies these two outfits, I think, are adorable with a hint of playfulness. I love the ears of the cardigan and the print of the romper. Plus the playsuit has frills on the bottom..... this makes me very happy!

I'm lucky to have a mother who can knit at the speed of light. She's treated Lena to various pieces and I'm absolutely in love with her first endeavour for Marni. Paired with some comfy leggings from my Aunt in Australia this is a pink frenzy. After declaring that we would avoid 'pinkifying' our daughters, we quietly admit that they just simply look beautiful in the feminine hue! There's something gorgeous about red hair with pink.

I couldn't resist a bit of Fifi or some bold brights. My favourite shoes for this age range are Moccis. These Swedish sock-like moccasins have a washable leather sole and are gorgeously soft but most importantly, they stay on!

I'm going to take full advantage of Marni not yet crawling and try a few dresses. I remember with number one that as soon as she was on the move dresses became completely impractical until she was able to walk. She would end up in a constant squealing-in-frustration-tangle. So, for now, I'm excited to dress number two in this botanical little number with complimenting peter pan collar..... yummy!!

Then for ease there are two less formal outfits from my kind relatives in Australia again. I think I squealed when I saw the Missoni print on this adorable romper and then went into a trance when touching the soft cotton of the Bonds set. 

Speaking of pink, this oversized playsuit from Next is just stunning on her, with poppers at the crotch it's really easy for nappy changes. I'm on the hunt for a tutorial on how to make a few of these myself. As soon as I find one that works I'll let you know. 

Lastly, because it's spring time a little dress with baby chicks and matching pants for warmer days when the tights aren't necessary. This is her older sister's absolute favourite outfit. She seems to find it hilarious that her baby sister has a chicken on her stomach. Ah, the humour of a 2.5 year old.

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