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My Toddler & Baby Nappy Bag

Are you ever sat in your living room and you see a really nosy person walk by your window peering in at your decor? Most likely that weirdo is me. I am hugely nosy. So, for me, sharing what's in my nappy bag doesn't seem odd at all, because I love taking a peek at what others carry around in those gigantic things too.

First things first. Let's talk about the bag itself. Storksak is a huge name in the nappy bag world. If you don't know the brand yet, take a look at their site and prepare to drool at the non-mumsy looking bags they have on offer. The one I picked is simply called the Tote and retails at £70.

Don't get me wrong, I was tempted by a Pink Linings 'Yummy Mummy' bag, but at the same time fearful that someone would 'accidentally' blurt out "Wishful Thinking" as I walked past them in my stretchy leggings and worn-for-four-days-in-a-row-dress.

It's wipe clean and lightweight, with two comfy under arm straps as well as an across body strap. 
The main compartment is zipped, so no pick pocketers can grab your stuff quickly.  There's also one inner zip pocket, perfect for my purse, keys and phone. Plus two elasticated pockets and one larger one with a velcro closing. 

There's an insulated bottle compartment on the outside...... peekaboo! 

It also has hugely impressive Velcro tabs that hook this bad boy onto your buggy securely, again helping me with my bag-lifter neurosis. The photo below shows it looped over a play gym arch. The baby was asleep in the buggy, and I'm sorry but nothing was going to make me risk waking her up. Not even a blog post photo!

I am ecstatic with this bag, not only does it look fab. It also fits in a CRAZY amount of parental stuff. Here's a photo of it filled with everything I'm about to show you.... and it's not even full, yet!

First up, what I would call 'CARE PRODUCTS'

1. First Aid Kit: a wonderful kit, also filled with a few extra sachets of Calpol and a tube of Savlon.
2. Chamomilla granules: I think these help Marni with reflux and teething pain. 
3. Factor 50 suntan lotion in travel size from Boots. Living by the sea makes this essential.
4. Travel sized nappy barrier cream by Sudocrem to keep my baby's bottom nice and peachy.
5. Evidently I like to be Anti-Bac-prepared so I carry a gel and a spray.


1. Nappies for both children.
2. A travel case of Water Wipes. My case is from our Skip Hop Pronto, but JoJo Maman Bebe do sell them separately.
3. A plastic food bag (good for carrying soiled clothes home) filled with a sleepsuit for Marni, a sunhat for each of them and a warm hat for the baby. If we're out for the whole day I do tend to pack a spare top and leggings for Lena too.
4. Nappy bags for those stinky numbers that you don't want to leave in the bins of people you care about.
There is also a fold up changing mat that comes with the bag that fits nicely... what can I say I had a 2.5 years old running around who just HAD to use it as a tent, so no photos I'm afraid.

Now,  some 'TOYS'

1. Mam Dummies - an anatomically correct soother for good jaw development. Plus it helps Marni sleep, so I'm sold!
2. Sophie the Giraffe rattle and a weird little wooden caterpillar that kids seem to adore.
3. Some play figures for Lena. These vary and often there are more, depending on what she pops into the bag before we leave the house.


I'll do a separate post on how I formula feed out and about. It's taken me a while to figure out how to do it. Especially as we are using some crazy formula and thickener for Marni's reflux and cows milk allergy.
1. Bottles - Dr Brown's. I've spent a small fortune on bottles and these seem to help with Marni's wind and therefore reflux the most.
2. Microwave sterilising bag. If my coffee with a friend goes on longer than expected I can sterilise my bottles and stay for an extra brew.
3. Bibi pods filled with measured powdered formula. I also use these at home as they take the stress out of remembering how many scoops I've put into the bottle, whilst managing a screaming Marni and a Lena who's determined to be a dinosaur.
4. A mini thermos filled with boiling water. This lets me 'hot shot' the powder when making a feed. As I said I'll do a follow up post on how I actually formula feed whilst out and about.


1.A Snack in order to avoid "H-Anger" aka Hunger Anger whilst I'm out and about.
2. Kate Spade purse... Thank you Bicester Village for giving me the gift of discount shopping!
3. Cath Kidston pouch filled with now necessary monthly lady products.
4. Keys.
5. Two lipsticks.... apparently one just isn't enough!
6. Tissues.
7. A Moleskine diary - electronic? Don't be ridiculous! This also doubles as Lena's sketch pad when the mood takes her.


1. Sistema water bottle.
2. What we call her 'treat' - a devilishly good fruit roll up.
3. Oaty bar - she loves the Asda's Little Angels ones.
4. Raisins - it's the time it takes to dig them out of the box that I really appreciate the most!

That's a lot right..... Here's how it looks all stuffed inside the bag:

And here's how the bag looks when it's zipped up.

Yup, you're right. I could totally fit another lipstick in there.

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