Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Lena Loves: Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance

I'd heard so many great things about the Baby Bjorn bouncer, but I simply couldn't justify parting with over £120 for the seat and toy bar. We already had a perfectly good rocker from Red Kite  and spending so much cash on something that appeared to do the same job just didn't seem logical. Oh how wrong I was! 

After many a night researching this little number it started to seem more and more sensible to invest in one. Firstly it didn't rock, it bounced (which just looked so much fun) then there was the fact that it can be used until she is approximately 2 years old. Lastly I found many a comment about how good it was for the babies development, especially their motor skills.  Not only does it help them understand cause and effect, but the bouncing action helps muscle development too.  Plus it has washable covers, a godsend with a reflux baby!

Convinced that the price was still outrageous I went on an eBay hunt. This lasted several weeks until a lovely person posted a chair on Gumtree for £30. BARGAIN! £30 for the chair and £7.98 on eBay for the wooden toybar...... BOUNCING TIME IS A GO! 

Anyway the Baby Bjorn arrived when Lena was 3 months and it has been a wonderful purchase so far. I think even if I'd paid full price for it I would still be singing its praises. Our little tinker is just so happy in it. Firstly the toy bar really got her thinking - the intense concentration as she figured out her hands were hitting Mr. Cookie was a joy to watch. She went on to having bounce time every day and it keept her entertained in the kitchen whilst I sterilised bottles, cooked dinner or attacked the endless pile of laundry.

In short it made for a happy mummy and an even happier, smilier and gigglier Lena!

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