Monday, 5 May 2014

Get Crafty: An embroidery hoop for a special Amie

My mum is Dutch. It is something I absolutely adore about her. Not only do I think it makes her super cool, but there are various aspects of her personality that are TOTALLY Dutch. It's only really noticeable when you spend a bit of time in the Netherlands, or with another person who is from the land of giants. (I am 6'2" and feel teeny weeny over there)

Her 'Dutch-ness' presents itself in ways such as:  her love of orange trousers and lime green sandals, the response of 'yes,yes,yes' when a simple British singular 'yes' would do, her quizzical face when you use sarcasm against her, her love of cheese with Jam, her love of mayonnaise with chips.....

She is not a Grandma or Granny.... She is Dutch! Dominic and I joked about trying to get Lena to call her Opu which is their version of Nan. Mum did not laugh at this suggestion. But the thought of a 2 year old in an adopted Brighton accent shouting O-pooooooo across the playground tickled me no end. Anyway, Team Baby agreed that her name was to be Omie; a cheeky version of Oma.

Well, Lena of course had other plans. After waiting 18 months to hear my child speak her name, Omie was not what came out of her mouth. Now bear in mind that my mum is my daughter's best friend. She is more loved than chocolate, the cats, strawberries and dare I say it Raa Raa the noisy lion. They see each other at least every other day and play with each other like they are both under two. Not only did my mum have to wait 547 days to hear Lena speak her name. But she waited 547 days to hear her say Amie. Which on the face of it doesn't sound too awful. But for a Dutch person obsessed with their vowel sounds, this just sounded like Cockney-Dutch. She spent a little time trying to correct her, but then the cuteness took over and so now she's called Amie.

It is her birthday today. Happy Birthday Amie! So I made her a little hoop to celebrate. It's of her house, with little Lena outside singing her traditional approach tune. For some reason it started as soon as she was born. We would arrive and sing 'Whose House? Amie's House' in the same manner as RUN-DMC, so this is what the lettering means.

Take a look at the back too: I love it!

I lined the back with a spotty cotton and I wish I had know how stunning it would look in the light. How the polka dots would show through the linen. I would have tidied the back of the embroidery more. Ah... next time Amie!

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