Saturday, 3 May 2014

Lena Loves: Koo-Di Sun and Sleep Stroller Cover

Now this little bit of kit may make other non-parents look at your pram like you're an overly concerned celebrity, intent on shielding your baby from being papped by the press. However, those with experience in the art of 'trying to get a baby to sleep out and about because they've point blank refused to do so in the comfort of your own home, hence I'm pounding the streets like a zombie' will stare in envy.

The Koo-Di shade does exactly what it says in the title. It is a cover that fits over the hood of your pram, secured with velcro loops and patches, covering your baby. On really very sunny days this was perfect at protecting my little red head from the rays, without the fuss that comes with re-angling a parasol every time you change direction by a millimetre.

Most importantly it was an absolute life saver when trying to get her to nap. Initially I found the pram my noble steed. Lena refused many a time to sleep away from my snuggly warmth and it was a quick stroll in the pram that would send her off to the land of nod. This changed when she hit about three months, she was enthralled with the world, everything was given an inquisitive look and even when she was utterly exhausted she just couldn't help herself but stare. It was absolutely ludicrous how over-stimulated she became. This is the very reason why you see mums and dads pushing, with such gusto, a buggy that has a giant muslin clipped to the hood. They and I have something in common; we have all come to the same conclusion that sometimes you just need to make the world a little more boring for them, a little less overwhelming. This shade helps to partially block out the excitement of the streets, without fully blocking your view of them. It also folds up very neatly like a pac-a-mac with a handy popper loop so that it can be secured to the buggy handlebar when not in use.

It eventually turned into a great 'sleep trigger' for her. She knew that when the shade went on and the squishy bunny was taken from the nappy bag and placed in her grasp it was 'sleepy time.'

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