Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Banana, Strawberry, Chia Seed Smoothie

I'm teaching myself that a treat doesn't have to be naughty

Smoothies have never really been my cup of tea. A cup of tea has. As well as a chocolate milkshake with sticky gloop dwelling in the bottom of the glass. The kind of gloop that needs a good old fashioned scraping off with a teaspoon. Preferably the kind of gloop that is the consistency of Nutella.....hmmm naughty gloop.

Therein lies the problem. I am not a slender individual. I was once, for about a year, but the whole experience sort of went by in a whirl that I didn't really stop to look in a mirror and marvel at the wonder of a slim me. I am too addicted to artificial or refined highs. But since having the little Ginger Nut my outlook on food has changed. Although I still battle with my carb-gorging tendencies, I am trying desperately hard to re-frame what it is that I class as a 'treat.' A funsize chocolate bar, not great but ok. A 500g bar of Dairy Milk, bad, very bad. A healthy smoothie with filling Chia seeds and the natural sweetness of a banana and a few strawberries, even better.

Lena loved it so much that she demanded more than one container of it, plus a silver spoon. Nay Nay says she to a plastic child spoon

Banana, Strawberry, Chia Seed Smoothie

What you need:
1.5 frozen bananas, slightly thawed
5 strawberries
2 tbsps apple sauce
half a cup of milk
2 tbsps of chia seeds

What to do:
Throw all ingredients into a blender with great flair and whizz. Simple.

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