Thursday, 24 April 2014

Lena Loves: The Five Year Diary

Watching little Lena grow and develop so quickly has made me want to record every little thing she does. It started when she was first born. I was given my mother's baby diary that she used for me. It is classic 1980's Mothercare with each day split into hours so you could track feeds, appointments and as my mother did PUs (pass urine) and BO (bowels opened.)

I was granted the privilege to continue tracking in that same book all of Lena's soiled nappies. I found it a real comfort, not only to track her feeds and nap times, but to also look back on my mum's notes and see how I varied to Lena at the same age. It was not only an informative comparison, but also a joy to read how my mum shared the same excitement as I did when Lena did anything for the first time, especially the first poo.

As Lena became more confident in feeding and settled into her routine I stopped writing in it. I still kept little notes of her firsts, but day to day memory capturing ceased and I missed it terribly. My memory is shocking and without the security of a journal I forget when she first said Daddy, Mummy or other milestones.

So I bought myself a new diary. But since I loved looking back so much on entries penned 30 years ago I ventured into the unknown and ordered a five year diary.  It's a great little thing with enough space each day to jot down any little antics or activities. I can't wait to continue writing in it and seeing how life changes over the years, especially if and when we have number two.

Available from for £11.95

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  1. I was lucky enough to stumble on your blog. It's so lovely and inspiring - I'm looking forward to reading more :) I'm looking for a way to track my newborns feeds, naps and nappies and haven't been lucky so far. What was the Mothercare diary you used, to see if I can find something similar?


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