Monday, 28 April 2014

Lena Loves: That's not my..... books

If you get only one book for your new baby it should be a That's Not My..... book, part of the Usborne touchy feel range. The variety is immense from cats and dogs to dragons and fairies, you're sure to find one that your little bundle will adore.

They all follow the same format which is that you're trying to find your lamb/puppy/lion/dolly. Before the final page where you do actually find your car/penguin/tractor you find ones which aren't. Either because their paws are too fluffy or teeth are too shiny etc. There is also a little mouse on each page hunting with you which is a detail we found came into its own when Lena hit 13 months and was so pleased to find things that you were pointing out. Even awarding herself little rounds of applause after each correct find.

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