Sunday, 27 April 2014

Lena Loves: Fisher Price Little People Aeroplane

In the battle between Little People vs. Happyland we are building a larger collection of the latter. There's something about buying Early Learning Centre products that reminds me of my own childhood. Mainly because my mum still has the 1980's version of the shoe-boot school that I spent hours playing with. 

The one Little People toy we do have, however, is a total hit. Lena was lucky enough to receive it for her first birthday and it couldn't have come at a better time. Shortly after this she became obsessed with aeroplanes and helicopters and really got into 'imaginative play.' We have a box full of extra figures that we found in the local charity shop so she has even more passengers to play with, including a ginger tom cat who always seems to be jet setting around the globe. 

It has a useful handle at the top which means Lena can whizz around the living room holding it by this, pretending to make it fly. And when it is moved across the carpet the Little People wobble from side to side which is a sweet feature. At £28.99 it's not the cheapest of toys but sits in line with the price of Happyland. No doubt if weren't gifted it in August we would have bought it ourselves by now. 

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