Friday, 25 April 2014

Get Crafty: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Lena is absolutely obsessed with stars. If she takes a late afternoon nap we are often lucky enough to keep her awake so that we can go and pick up Daddy from the train station. Before the clocks moved forward it was dark enough when we arrived back home for her to see the stars. She would point wildly at the speckled sky as her Daddy tried to recall the constellations he had learnt as a child. It doesn't matter how crazy the day might have been, to watch this made me want to wrap them both up in cotton wool, it was so cute.

With summer slowly announcing its arrival Lena doesn't get to see the stars anymore. So we have some glow in the dark ones stuck to her ceiling and then some rather fine looking fabric ones hanging on her wall.

I am more than just a little bit chuffed with these. They only took me an evening to make and now hang proudly on the wall at the head of her bed. It has been completely worth cutting into the Liberty stash to make them just to see and hear Lena's excitement every morning as she points out her very own stars and clouds.

Unfortunately I didn't photograph as I went so I don't have a tutorial for you. It's pretty easy. All I would say is that If, like me, you have completely forgotten how to draw a neat star shape go to this web page, making sure to include a seam allowance on your pattern.

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