Thursday, 24 April 2014

Lena Loves: Necklaces for new mums

Something amazing happens when you have your first baby, it doesn't matter how much you insist before their arrival that you won't be 'one of those mums.' As soon as they arrive safely in your arms you are in awe of them. Everything about them is simply magical. This is something that you made. You actually made a baby. It's only right that you should want to shout about it from the rooftops. That is why personalisation is absolutely critical in terms of gifting for a new mum. Having any sort of gift with your baby's name on it doesn't seem odd at all, in fact the more the merrier! Bunting, check. Framed artwork, check. Embroidered towel, check. The list goes on and on. For a new mum wearing an item of jewellery that hints at their bundle is a wonderful token of their achievement. Push Present sounds so boisterous. Regardless of what you might call it, here are my top picks for a necklace for a new mum.

 Alex Monroe "two birds on a branch" £150 and The Duchess Necklace by Merci Maman £89

 Russian Ring Necklace by Posh Totty Designs £63 and Tilly Mini available from Mamissima £191

Fingerprint heart pendant by Fingerprint Jewellery £120 and Flower Heart & Alpha by Wright&Teague £180

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