Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Wall Sticker Love

I'm not brave enough for wallpaper

After years of renting the thought of wallpapering is very new to me. Now we have our own little nest to decorate it feels so permanent somehow. And with my fickle interior desires flitting from Modern Retro, Scandi Eclectic, Polka Dot Madness, Minimalist Startle Your Eyes with White and Country Cottage Everything Is From Laura Ashley, I have to admit, I am not brave enough to paper my walls. Which is why I am so grateful for wall stickers. They add a touch of flair without the need for a tressle table and paste, or a RIBBA frame from Ikea.
Below are a few of my favourites. Woodland Clouds in Bertie £20

Ferm Living Neon Pink Stars available at £11.95

Love Mae random geometric available from £50

Mimi'lou string of stars available from £25

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