Friday, 25 April 2014

Lena Loves: Tomy Play to Learn Hide 'n' Squeak Eggs

This little plastic egg box is the number one best selling toy on Amazon in the Learning and Activity department. It has also been Lena's favourite since the word go. We were first given it when she was about 3 months old. I looked at it quite quizzically at first, I didn't quite appreciate its potential worth. 

I remember discussing it with my NCT friends over another caffeine fix and they replied 'oh yeah, that egg thingy. We were given that too. She/he loves it.' It seems we had all been given a magical toy by the fairy godmothers of 'already been there, done that, know the eggs are gold.' And who were we to argue with mums already in the know.

All it consists of is a little plastic egg box with colourful eggs that sit inside. The eggs all have different shapes on their underside so they slot into a specific place in the box, so it's great for shape sorting, something which the jagged shell tops also tick. The different colours are a discussion point and I swear this is why Lena knows how to say the colour 'purple.' There are also different emotions painted on the faces of both the inside egg and the shell which match each other in expression and colour. Plus the eggs squeak when pushed; this was the first thing that amused Lena. It is a wonderful little toy that has grown with her over the past few months and is still loved today at 19 months old. At £5.97 it's also a bargain. My only niggle is the that hinge of the lid is utterly useless and snapped within a couple of plays so we had to get all Blue Peter on it, coating the join in layers of 'sticky-back-plastic.'

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